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Self Service Kiosk

The features of the kiosk are:

  • Customers can perform tasks without having to interact with a customer care executive/teller. Tasks such as Simple Banking Transactions, Bill Payments, Enquiries, Application Form submission, etc… with acknowledgements provided straightaway
  • Institution gets a complete transaction log of all transactions in hard and soft copy printout (for digital archiving purposes).
  • The Kiosk saves all transaction details so that duplicate acknowledge can be printed
  • Simple user interface with voice-over instructions
  • Quick turnaround for customers as they don’t have to wait in the queue to execute transaction with a teller
  • Productive use of free space within the premises
  • Frees up human resources for other tasks as customers perform transactions on their own
  • Can also be deployed at other locations (such as supermarkets, shopping malls, filling stations, etc..) providing further convenience to the customer.
  • Can be connected to the UPS for uninterrupted uptime
  • Customisable user interface

Can be integrated with core system system

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