Office Mart

Office Mart’s second vertical is focused on procurement and supply and specialized equipment for turnkey projects. We have a network of outsourcing offices in various continents that allow us to source items from across the world.

Some of the items that we have supplied are

  1. Airport Runway Transformers and Light
  2. Automobile Equipment
  3. Blood Collection Trailers
  4. Disaster Relief Equipment such as Tents
  5. Fire Fighting Equipment for Airports
  6. Hearing Aids
  7. IC’s, Diodes and Surge Arrestors for Airport Equipment
  8. ICT Equipment
  9. Laboratory Equipment
  10. Learning Materials
  11. Solar & Windup Radios
  12. Solar Lights
  13. Specialized weighing scales and calibration equipment
  14. Sports Equipment
  15. Studio Equipment
  16. Textbooks
  17. Uniforms
  18. Water Safety Equipment
  19. Writing Books for Special Needs students


When required, we also conduct thorough end-user training on equipment supplied

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